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Ana Perez is a recurring character on Dead to Me. She is a Police detective in charge of Jen's husband's hit-and-run case and the case relating to the missing and suspected killing of Steve Wood.



At some point in her youth, her Mother was killed protecting her from her step-father. (reference needed)

Season One[]

Season Two[]

Acting upon Jen Hardings's wishes Perez formally documents and issues a restraining order on Judy Hale on Jen's behalf. Perez is shocked to learn that Jen and Judy have made up. Perez becomes increasingly suspicious of Jen and Judy's sudden change in heart and re-employee's ex-cop Nick Prager after he cleverly figured out Judy was behind the hit and run killing of Ted. They share a bond over their hatred of their racist and sexist boss. Convinced that Judy Hale has something to do with the sudden dis-appearance of ex-fiance Steve Wood. She is under the impression that Judy has paid off Jen to remain quiet and to drop all charges on her.

It is later revealed that Perez is in-fact the ex-girlfriend and current room mate of Michelle, Judy Hale's new lover. Following the sudden worsening of Michelle's mothers health, Perez becomes upset and is comforted by non-other that Judy Hale. Ana reveals that Flo is the only mother she has known.

Following damning evidence showing Charlie Harding in Steve's car, which was burnt the night Charlie was driving in it. Perez believes that Charlie is responsible for the death of Steve Wood.

That night, Jen Harding arrives at her house and confesses to the murder of Steve Wood. Furthermore, Perez reveals Michelle has moved out.

Jen takes Perez to where her and Judy buried Steve's body, though does not say that Judy was apart of the burial. After a while looking, Perez believes that Jen had help from Judy and is re-convinced that Judy paid off Jen. After Jen reveals her Mother died when she was young, Perez also talks of her Mothers sacrifice to protect her from her step-father. Taking pity on Jen, Perez lets her go until any further evidence is found.

At the same time, Prager texts her, revealing that they exposed Howard Hastings as a member of the Greek Mafia, thus relieving him as police Chief.


Season One