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Bambi is a Waitress and a minor character on Dead to Me. Bambi was having relations with Ted Harding for a year and a half, believing that they were in a legitimate boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. She was completely unaware of Ted’s wife, Jen, believing her to of died of breast cancer and that her boyfriend Ted was raising his son's Charlie and Henry on his own as a single-father as this is what Ted had told her.



Season One[]

Bambi appears online by the username bambi88 online when she messages her boyfriend [Jen's husband] Ted and before Jen is about to let her know that she is on Ted's account Bambi reveals her romantic relationship with Ted through what she says

Bambi appears physically only once so far in the show.Bambi appears when Judy and Jen go together to the Restaurant in which Bambi works as a Waitress.The two eat together and Jen eventually storms out after having an argument with Judy.Judy talks with Bambi and eventually find out that she was told by Ted [Her boyfriend of one year and Jen's husband] that his wife [Jen] had died and that he was a single father raising his two son's [Charlie and Henry] on his own.Judy eventually leaves the Restaurant and finds Jen outside who tells Judy she keyed Bambi's car yet it is unknown if it was actually Bambi's car as Jen tells Judy she guessed.


Season One


  • She goes by bambi88 on multiplayer role playing game Wrath of Hades.
  • She works as a Waitress