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While not much is revealed about Jens early life, it is mentioned many times, that Jens mom died when she was 19 of breast cancer, which led her to get a double mastectomy, so her boys wouldn’t have to suffer the same pain she did

Season One[]

Jen Harding, a hot headed abrasive widow is a struggling mom of two boys Charlie and Henry, When her husband Ted dies in a hit and run, her whole life is ripped apart. While before she took took on the role of the breadwinner, and Ted took on the role as caretaker, Jen is now faced with having to be both Breadwinner, and caretaker. Still grieving the death of her husband, Jen is failing at both breadwinner and caretaker. Jen, constantly drowning in a pool of her own emotion meets Kind hearted, optimistic, free spirited, Judy Hale, in a grief support group “Friends of Heaven” Judy and Jen both bond over the loss of their husbands, and Judy allows Jen to experience, and work through her grief, rather than rushing it. However at the end of episode one, Jen finds out the Judys Fiancé, Steve Wood, is still alive. Hurt and betrayed, Jen confronts Judy at the grief support group the next day, where Judy then admits she lied, and never lost her Fiancé, but instead he left her after she experienced 5 miscarriages. When Jen realises Judy lied only because it felt easier to say her fiancé died than to talk about the miscarriages, Jen forgives her and invites Judy (who is currently living in a bedroom at the nursing home she volunteers at) to move into her guesthouse (Teds former music room) she agrees, and the two live together. At the end of the episode however, it is shockingly revealed that Judy was the one driving the car, that killed ted.

Season Two[]


Season One

Season Two


- she enjoys hard metal