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Judy Hale is a main character on Dead to Me. She is Free spirted, optimistic, altruistic, and kind.



In her early life, Judy's mother was absent a lot in Judy's life and she learned how to take care of herself and her mother. Overall, she had to be very independent. Judy and her mother were also homeless for a year and, slept in a car. Judy is in the first and second season. It is mentioned in season one that Judy never new her father.


Season One
A big part of Judys past revealed in season one, is that she has suffered 5 miscarriages, and an even bigger part of her past, is she has commited manslaughter, by a hit and run. When Judy, and her toxic, verbally abusive fiancé, Steve Wood, were driving late at night, Judy hit a man with her car, as she goes to turn back and check on him Steve yells at her saying “What are you doing?! Drive the car stupid!” resulting in her painfully turning around. Steve leaves Judy for her inability to carry a child full term, and the crime they committed, leaving Judy to move out of his large mansion, and into an open bedroom, at the assisted living facility she volunteers at. In the beginning of season one Judy meets Jen, a hot headed widow, at a grief support group. When Judy tells the grief group her fiancé died of a heart attack, her and Jen become fast friends, as Jen feels she has met someone who understands what she’s going through, however Jen soon finds out she lied, and when she confronts Judy the next day, Judy shares with the group that her fiancé didn’t die, but he left her after having 5 miscarriages. Realizing it’s easier for her to say Steve died, rather than talking about the miscarriages, Jen forgives Judy and invites her to move into her guesthouse (her husbands former music room before his death) However at the end of the episode it is shockingly revealed that Jen is the wife of the man she and Steve hit in their hit and run.


she is a pisces

she’s bisexual

she’s artistically talented

smokes weed

self harms

unable to get angry

believes in crystals

a pisces